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[好康相報] Greek far-right MP's live television when water and beat female politicians -- B

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as a result of the election results may lead to exit from the euro and deepen the crisis in europe, greece will be on june 17th local time at the second parliamentary election has been widely concerned, the left-wing and right-wing forces of two party to win a final effort, they battle between even spread to the live tv.
photograph: of cassidy aris during the live broadcast on female politicians strike violently according to american "new york times" report, the greek television in june 7th of a debate program broadcast process appeared astonishing one act, a far-right party spokesman has to participate in the program of a left-wing female politicians and splashing water,louboutin, punched another left-wing female politicians in the head.
on the same day, this morning the politics show invited greek far-right parties "golden dawn" of party spokesman elias cassidy aris,christian louboutin outlet, member of communist party? lena? canelli and left wing alliance party member for lei na?.
in the broadcast,louboutin shoes, many democratic crisis may lead to greece 500 years ago, she also mentioned that cassidy aris had committed robbery.perhaps it is this words angered cassidy of 31 years old yaris, he immediately stood up from his seat, a cup of water to many faces.
sitting next to canelli cassidy aris to throw the newspaper, tried to stop him to many a former boxer cassidy aris then repeated hammer fist punch nellie head, 3 of which hit her in the face.this sudden outside led the debate program ended early, but also triggered a greek national "golden dawn member party" behavior problem.
greece's various news websites and blogs are talking about the greek television history "first attack".... (source: bright net) chinese entrepreneur ma yun, zhejiang shaoxing person, alibaba group, one of the main founders.
the alibaba group chairman and chief executive, he is "forbes" magazine founded more than 50 years to become the first mainland entrepreneur cover,louboutin pas cher, was elected as global leader of addition, he also served as chairman of the board of directors of china yahoo!, hangzhou normal university dean, alibaba, huayi brothers media group board of directors duties.
in that will pay treasure equity transfer to their name after the company, ma encounter opinion "breach of contract spirit".in june 14, 2011,christian louboutin outlet, ma responded that the transfer of equity decided "not... []
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