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[好康相報] Tobacco Bureau destroyed counterfeit cigarettes were part of the plunder (Figure

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counterfeit cigarette destroying the destruction of counterfeit cigarettes were looted in 15 days [], hefei municipal tobacco monopoly bureau in anhui province in financial, public security departments cooperate to fall, feidong county in the town destroyed a value of nearly 5000000 yuan of fake cigarettes, some residents to encroach upon,christian louboutin outlet, be in time to stop.
wang zhiqiang was taken to share: welcome to comment i want to comment micro-blog recommended | micro-blog hot today (editor: sn056) 2 march, xinhuanet changsha (reporter tan jian) in order to be online wanted son escape legal sanction, the hunan province hengyang city qidong county farmer to find help for a local police station, the tamper identity information, to register an account,louboutin pas cher, and make it successful with army forces.
in february 29th,louboutin, on a hunan province hengyang city people's procuratorate the arrest.according to the hengyang prosecutors said, 2010 on a and its subsidiary kuang panyun in guangdong province dongguan city works.
in 2010 august, on panyun. "ice" and a "yellow" in the dongguan city crime of robbery in 3, after his father's help, from the city of dongguan fled back to his hometown.soon after, on panyun is guangdong police cyber pursuit.
because of the tv series "latent" inspired, on panyun had to change the name, age, fraud, bulu census register file, a soldier from guangdong police pursuit idea of tie in with the son "latent", on the way from dongguan back to qidong by relatives, find its domicile in qidong county town hall in five heap village opened 1 certificate, called "on chunji" is their third son, there has been no registration,louboutin outlet, followed by home jiang town 2 do a false student files.
get out of that village, on father would find town hall station management household staff, successfully handled "on chunji" new residence, for "on chunji" identity card, and in 2010 december successfully enlisted in the army in liaoning.
until the national public security organs in cyber pursuit special inspector "net cleaning action",louboutin pas cher, by the end of 2011 in liaoning february 10, 2012, qidong county people's procuratorate bureau the ditch on suspicion of harboring crimes, on to a file and investigate.
according to investigation, on a only two sons, "on chunji" on present, on a confessed their is understood, the present qidong county commission for discipline inspection, has to issue a formal investigation, hengyang city prosecutors said the case in public security organ staff misconduct further deep, check after all, absolutely not appeasement.
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